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KryptoBot does not require installation. After creating your account, it is ready for action!


The basic KryptoBot features are available for free!


KryptoBot constantly makes purchase and sale transactions for you.


You won’t have any problems managing your investments.


You don’t need to have specialized knowledge to configure KryptoBot.


KryptoBot is constantly being improved. New features are added all the time.



The value of wallets is updated every 1 minute basing on the current exchange rate.

Watch your investments conveniently in one place!


You don’t have to calculate your profit every time you invest in altcoins in BTC. KryptoBot does it for you! Each of your investments on different exchanges is converted into the FIAT currency based on the BTC/ETH/ BNB/USDT rate at the time of purchase and sale.


Each investment is monitored. You will be able to make better decisions thanks to the history of your transactions. Analyze, get knowledge, earn money.


Do you want to be notified when something important happens to your investment? KryptoBot will send you an appropriate message to an e-mail address or notification on the phone!

Set your strategy and KryptoBot will watch over everything!


Fee on profits

Pay only when you earn! Honest, right?

10% Fee

Commissions of profitable trades will be deducted from your balance.

Free top up

After registration you will receive your first funds for future commissions. Try KryptoBot absolutely for free!
  • 15 USD
    • For use 15 USD
    • limit of active tasks: 20
    • you receive 10.0000 KBT
    • investment module for free
    • mobile app

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  • 20 USD
    • For use 25 USD
    • limit of active tasks: 20
    • you receive 15.0000 KBT
    • investment module for free
    • mobile app

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  • VIP
  • 80 USD
    • For use 90 USD
    • limit of active tasks: 20
    • you receive 100.0000 KBT
    • investment module for free
    • mobile app

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KBT token

KryptoBot has its own token.
Create an account and find out how you can get your tokens for FREE!

KryptoBot Token KBT


How does KryptoBot work?

KryptoBot constantly monitors and makes the sale and purchase transactions of cryptocurrencies on external exchanges. The connection takes place via the API of the given exchange. The transaction is carried out at the moment of making profit, previously declared by the user. KryptoBot’s effectiveness depends on individual user settings.

Is my money safe?

Yes, your API keys will be encrypted and cannot be duplicated. KryptoBot does not have the authority to withdraw your funds.

What information can I find in the 'Tasks' tab?

This tab is an easy way to present the tasks that KryptoBot is currently doing for you.At this point you can also manage them.
You can change values, cancel orders, sell / buy manually, etc.

How many currencies can I buy at the same time?

It depends on the subscription you have.
The higher subscription you have, the more tasks KryptoBot can perform simultaneously.

Why is the value of my investment negative immediately after the purchase?

KryptoBot takes into account the commission which is automatically charged by stock exchanges in the moment of purchase.

Can I stop the work of KryptoBot?

Yes. you just have to click on the “Stop” button.

Do I have to refresh the page?

No. Tasks and currency rates in settings are refreshed automatically in the background every 1 minute.

Will KryptoBot be used on other stock exchanges?

Yes. The other stock exchanges of cryptocurrencies will be successively implemented.

How does KryptoBot make money?

KryptoBot earns when a given cryptocurrency is sold at a price higher than the purchase price.The process is fully automated.

What gives me chcecking ASK and BID boxes in the KryptoBot settings?

BID – KryptoBot will try to buy the given cryptocurrency.
ASK – KryptoBot will try to sell the cryptocurrency right after the purchase.

What is the LOOP in the KryptoBot settings? How to use it?

Selecting this option tells KryptoBot that it should perform the task on a continuous basis. KryptoBot will buy a cryptocurrency, sell it and then try to buy it again under favorable conditions, then re-sell etc.

You can also set the loop limit – that is, you determine how many times KryptoBot has to perform the task.

Can I specify the percentage at which I want to sell currencies? How to do it?

Yes. You can set this in the trader’s settings. You can modify this factor in the task preview on a current basis.

Can I buy cryptocurrencies at a specific rate using KryptoBot?

Yes. In the trader’s settings, enter the rate at which maximum. KryptoBot will make a purchase offer when the rate drops to the given value.

How can I define purchase settings?

Define the increase/decrease of the cryptocurrency rate in a given unit of time. KryptoBot has default settings that will allow you to execute buy/sell orders effectively and make a profit.

How can I define sale settings?

Define the percentage of profit after which our investment is to be put up for sale. Please note that the exchange commission will be deducted from this value. Everything happens automatically, without our participation.

What is the ``Investment Monitor`` service?

This is a tool that constantly monitors the status of your investments in cryptocurrencies on many exchanges, not only those where the purchase is made by KryptoBot!It’s great for long and mid term investments.

Do I have to pay extra for the ``Investment Monitor``?

This module is free for BASIC, STANDARD and VIP subscription.

How to add the next investment in the calculator?

Go to the tab “Investment Monitor” and then “Add”.
We give the amount of currency purchased and its currency.

Is the calculator data updated on a regular basis?

Single investment chart every 1 hour.
Chart of profit history every 3 hours.

Do I have to pay for using KryptoBot?

The user has different subscription options depending on the requirements.
The basic version of KryptoBot with the limit of one task per pair of currencies is free.

How can I pay for KryptoBot?

By istant online transfer. Payment operators are Przelewy24 and PayPal.